A desk or bureau is a piece of furniture with a flat table-style work surface used in a school, office, home, or the like for academic, professional, or domestic activities such as reading, writing, or using equipment such as a computer. Desks often have one or more drawers, compartments, or pigeonholes to store items such as office supplies and papers. Desks are usually made of wood or metal, although materials such as glass are sometimes seen. Some desks have the form of a table, although usually, only one side of a desk is suitable to sit at (there are some exceptions, such as a partner's desk), unlike most usual tables. Some desks do not have the form of a table, for instance, an armoire desk is a desk built within a large wardrobe-like cabinet, and a portable desk is light enough to be placed on a person's lap. Since many people lean on a desk while using it, a desk must be sturdy. In most cases, people sit at a desk, either on a separate chair or a built-in chair (e.g., in some office desks). Some people use standing desks to be able to stand while using them. Browse from our exclusive collection of Desks and discover a wide variety of products for your office and business use.


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